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Considered a top Social Media Agency in Los Angeles, Intensify is here to help you stand out from the crowd with curated and engaging content on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and more.

Social Media Management Tailored To Your Brand

Every brand has its own story, audience, and purpose. We know that every brand is unique, and that’s why we’re here to help you make sure your social media presence reflects who you are and what you have to offer. 

That’s why we work with you to understand your goals and audience before we start strategizing together. We’ll help you find the right channels, use them in the best way possible, and ensure everything action will help you reach your goals.

More Than Just A Digital Marketing Agency

Our team strategically attracts a loyal following to your business by consistently and authentically interacting with customers on social media. Utilizing platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, and LinkedIn, we increase brand awareness and create an active following for your business.

While other social media agencies are posting blindly into the ether, Intensify focuses on honestly engaging your audience with real likes, comments, reposts, and follows.

By continuously managing your social presence and interacting with social media users, Intensify nurtures your relationship with existing customers and encourages new audiences to engage with your brand. These results directly translate into more business and revenue for your company.

We're A Full Service Digital Marketing Agency

Our Social Media Services

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Social Media Advertising

Increasing brand awareness through social media begins by extending your scope of reach on the most popular social media channels. We specialize in developing compelling marketing campaigns designed to directly reach your audience.

Our unique focus on data means we are constantly analyzing the effectiveness of ad campaigns and updating our methods, so your ads beat out other businesses competing for the same ad space.

Combining innovative copy with data-driven strategy, we create targeted Facebook Ads, Pinterest Ads, and Boosted Instagram posts that encourage user engagement and convert casual consumers into loyal customers. 

Instagram Marketing

Intensify is a leading Instagram marketing agency in Los Angeles. We specialize in Instagram ads and management for small to medium sized businesses. 

Instagram marketing is a growing way to drive traffic to your website, sell products, and engage customers on Instagram. We help manage and grow your current following, as well as advertise targeted ads to existing and potential customers.

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Facebook Advertising

We’ve been helping businesses generate a strong ROAS with Facebook advertising for years now. We take care of all aspects of your advertising campaign – from strategy to execution to reporting. 

Facebook advertising is a powerful way to reach your target audience, drive sales, and gain new customers.

Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization is an important part of social media marketing. You want to make sure that your content is easily found by people searching for it, and SEO can help you do that.

SEO is the process of making your content rank higher in search results. And these days, people aren’t only searching in Google but on social media platforms too.

Web Design

Social media marketing can target and reach customers on their social media platforms, but they come to your website to convert. Without a properly designed website, your business risks losing that sale. 

We assist with web design so you have the best possible chance of every customer that visits your site making a purchase.

Professionally Curated Content Creation

Tired of worrying what to post about every single day? Intensify designs and delivers a content calendar to you weeks ahead of time.

Our full-service firm creates content that will resonate with your followers, improve brand awareness, and increase social engagement. We take your content to the next level with flat-lays, model photography, do-it-yourself videos, and product photography. 

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Active Community Management​

Building a social media following requires engagement. Lots and lots of engagement. No one will know your accounts exists unless you are constantly liking, commenting, following, and messaging other users.

While it’s often difficult for companies to devote the time necessary to accomplish this, Intensify specializes in community management. We have a team dedicated to engaging with others for hours daily and connecting with hundreds of new users each month.

Through consistent community management, we can increase brand awareness and attract new users to engage with social media content.

We consistently see our managed Instagram accounts grow by 500- 6,000 followers per month. 

Agency Partnerships With Top Influencers

A post from the right influencer can expose new audiences to your brand, generate buzz, and propel sales goals.

Intensify connects brands with influencers who identify with their products and will rave about them to their dedicated following.

We can connect brands with hundreds of micro-influencers or top influencers with millions of followers. We can negotiate posts in exchange for product or pay depending on your goals. One major advantage to working with an advertising agency in Los Angeles is that Los Angeles is an influencer hub.

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Instagram Giveaways​

We run massive Instagram giveaways in order to gain new fans, increase brand awareness, and engage with current followers and customers. We pair our giveaways with influencer marketing by partnering with influencers who take their own photo and make a giveaway post in exchange for product.

The result of our giveaways has been incredible. We are able to get a huge number of entrants, even for small brands.

Straight Forward Analysis And Reporting​

We deliver monthly reporting on follower growth, likes and comments per post, website clicks, and on the type of content and copy eliciting the best repsonse from your audience. Instead of blindly posting we focus on goal setting, KPIs, and data and analytics.

Social Media Marketing Los Angeles

PPC Marketing

PPC marketing is a type of digital advertising that allows you to pay for your ads based on how many people click on them. We use PPC marketing (also called search marketing) to get more traffic to your website, and then convert those visitors into leads or sales.

Why Choose Intensify As Your Social Media Agency?

Creating a presence on social media requires the right images, copy, and lots and lots of time. Intensify is able to provide Instagram and Facebook content through photoshoots, graphic design, and sourcing images. This is generally not the same skill-set that an in-house social media manager has, so companies often have to pay multiple employees in order to get all the services that an agency offers.

Our agency also has our fingers (or thumbs) on the pulse of social media, knowing what types of posts and copy are working well for brands across all social channels. We have the benefit of working with several different industries and are able to carry over strategies working well for one client to another.

All social media channels have limits on how many actions can be taken per hour. Ideally, someone should be following/unfollowing, liking, and commenting on an account hourly. This would be incredibly disruptive for a person working on engagement for one account while also working on other tasks. In-house employees work roughly 8 hours a day, while social media agencies can have another person working on growth and engagement during off-hours.

Our Social Media Marketing Strategy

Social Media Goals Tailored To Your Business

Our team of experts will create a plan custom-tailored to your business’s unique needs, so you can rest easy knowing that we’ve got a plan in place to help you succeed.

We Stay On Top Of Trends

The social media landscape is always changing. What was trending yesterday could be out of style today. That’s why we keep a pulse on current trends and advertise based upon those insights.

Create Engaging Social Media Content

The last and most important step in any social media strategy is to create and post winning content. We’ll take care of this for you, so you can focus on running your business.


Client Testimonials

Marni Hale

Vice President Marketing,
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“Hiring Intensify has been a game changer for our lead generation. Their skillset, knowledge, and guidance has allowed us to increase our lead generation while lowering our cost per lead.”

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