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We love Ecommerce!

Nothing is more fun than watching the sales role in from a fine-tuned ecommerce site.

There are tons of marketing levers you can pull to improve ecommerce performance.

Perhaps you’re here to figure out which one to pull?

Or perhaps you feel like you’re already doing EVERYTHING you could be doing. And you want to know what you could possibly be doing to increase sales.

Well, we’re going to share with you both what you could be doing on your own and how we could help to drive more sales to your store than you ever dreamed possible!


“Hiring Intensify has been a game changer for our lead generation.  Their skillset, knowledge and guidance has allowed us to increase our lead generation while lowering our cost per lead.”

Marni Hale

Vice President Marketing, Tom Ferry

Every Ecommerce Marketing Strategy You Could Use

Here are some of the strategies you could be utilizing to improve your ecommerce business:

Social media management, social media giveaways, email marketing, email entry giveaways, collaborations, influencer marketing, Facebook advertising, search engine marketing, retargeting, search engine optimization, exit-intent offers, lead magnets, upsells, cart optimization, coupon outreach, blogging, and indoctrination campaigns.

Honestly, you should probably be using most of these strategies, but let’s start with where you should begin!


What You Should Actually Spend Your Time On

Ecommerce involves 3 steps. In order they are:

  1. You need to build a brand.
  2. You need traffic.
  3. You need to convert traffic into purchases.

Your next most lucrative next step depends on how you are doing with all 3 of theses steps.

Just starting out?

You need to develop a brand. You need to have great social media management including community management and engagement. You could start blogging about your industry. You should develop your profile as an expert in the space online.

Great brand but no traffic?

It’s time for ads! Now that people know about your brand, we need them to start visiting your site. Depending on what you offer, you will likely want some combination of Facebook and Instagram advertising and search engine marketing through Google Ads and Bing Ads. If you don’t rank #1 when you Google your brand name, SEO is also a MUST.

Already have brand recognition and a ton of traffic, but your conversion rate is under 2%?

You need to focus on conversion optimization.

This mean determining why your traffic is not converting and working to improve every step of the conversion process. You can utilize a tool like Hotjar to figure out people’s behavior on your site. You can use JustUno for pop-ups to offer people about to leave your site incentives to check out.


How an Ecommerce Marketing Agency Like Intensify Can Help

There are two main reasons to start working with an agency.

  1. There is always more that you could be doing to improve an ecommerce business. So, if your team has limited bandwidth, or you just want to amplify your growth, an agency can help you to get more done.
  2. If you’ve plateaued or encountered an issue you can’t solve, we can often help. Examples of this would be if you were running Facebook Ads, but could not get a positive ROI or if you couldn’t seem to get traffic to convert at a reasonable rate.

Next Steps

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