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What is CRO (Conversion Rate Optimization)?

What is CRO (Conversion Rate Optimization)?

You can spend all your time developing great products, producing amazing content to share, and driving traffic through digital ads. But if your visitors aren’t converting into customers all your efforts are going to waste. That’s where conversion rate optimization comes in.

Conversion rate optimization is the process of testing website elements to increase the amount of people completing a desired action. This action could be leads, purchases, signing up for email lists, submitting a form, and more.

What is a CRO Agency?

A CRO agency is a company that specializes in CRO. Conversion rate optimization agencies have developed specialized knowledge in CRO over time and can make sense to work with as opposed to starting from scratch.

Why is Conversion Rate Optimization Important?

When it comes to increasing the revenue from your website, you can generate more traffic or you can generate more revenue from existing traffic. When you have a large amount of existing traffic, CRO can produce substantial increases in revenue.

If you’re not trying to improve your conversion rate, you could be missing out on hundreds of potential customers each month.

Let’s say you’re getting 1000 visitors to your site per month, you have a Conversion Rate of 1%, and people are spending $50 per transaction on average. Now imagine you boost your conversion rate to 3%. Suddenly you’re making three times the amount of money from the exact same number of visitors!

CRO helps your marketing dollars go farther by reducing your cost per acquisition and increasing the amount of leads or purchases you’re getting each month.

How to Choose a CRO Agency

We’ve worked with dozens of clients across a range of industries to improve conversion rate. We have experience optimizing all kinds of pages, from purchase pages to lead generation landing pages, and more.

We generate a unique CRO plan for each of clients, using our knowledge of industry standard practices and researching innovative features to test. Once we’ve created a plan of action, we closely monitor CRO test results, and rely on the data from your customers to make recommendations about site improvements.

Need help with your strategic digital marketing positioning? We will help develop a strategy plan for your business that outlasts the competition by outlining your goals and roadmapping an action plan to get you the best results. Examples of marketing strategies we might prescribe include broadening digital exposure, rebranding, or tackling new channels. Your marketing strategy will provide the underpinning for all business efforts moving forward.

Setting CRO Goals

A crucial part of conversion rate optimization is setting CRO goals. CRO is a highly quantitative process. You goal could be to increase revenue per session or conversion rate for non-eCommerce websites.

CRO Services

We offer custom-tailored CRO plans designed to convert your traffic into valuable customers and leads.

A successful digital marketing strategy starts with developing a solid plan. From there, it’s about implementation to ensure that the strategy materializes and the website generates results. From heat mapping to conversion tracking, we’ll put the pieces in place to guarantee a close analysis and proper pivoting as needed.

Conversion rate optimization

CRO Audit

We do an in-depth analysis of your existing website to determine what changes need to be made right away. We then analyze which pages your visitors gravitate towards the most and generate customized tests to improve conversion rate.

A/B Split Testing

Every site is different, which is why we A/B test everything we can and rely on the data to make decisions for us. We audit and a/b test every aspect of your pages, from button colors to headlines to page layouts, to create websites that turn visitors into customers.

SEO metrics
Google Analytics SEO campaign tracking

Google Analytics and Conversion Tracking

We set up the tools necessary to track the behavior of your website’s traffic. With this data, we can analyze key metrics to determine what pages visitors are viewing most frequently and how they’re interacting with your website. This allows us to create tests targeted to improve the most important pages on your website and optimize them for your desired goals.

Web Design and Development

Once a test has been completed, it’s important to implement the new change as soon as possible. We work with your development team to implement new web design changes as seamlessly as possible. Don’t have a developer? We can make the changes to the website ourselves, saving you the hassle of delving into difficult code.

Content Optimization
Page Speed improvements

Page Optimization

Depending on your digital marketing goals, your products, and your customers, your website will need to create different types of pages. A standard eCommerce company should focus primarily on their product pages, while a service-based business will need more informative pages with plenty of options for visitors to contact you. We can help determine which types of pages are most important for your business and develop tests specifically for these high-traffic pages.

Landing Page Design & Creation

When you’re doing digital marketing, you need your landing page tailored to cater to your specific campaigns. We work in concert with your advertising strategy to create a custom landing page, utilizing templates that are proven to convert. By providing more product or service information, social proof, and brand trust to your pages we help to improve ad performance and lower cost per acquisition.


A CRO agency works to improve your conversion rate so more of your website traffic turns into valuable customers or leads. They utilize best practices and A/B testing to implement changes to your website that increase the amount of people purchasing your products or services.
When choosing a CRO agency, there are a few characteristics you should consider. The company should be transparent and trust-worthy. Look for companies that have a track record of proven results and case studies they can share. They should also be open about the tools and processes they use to improve conversion rate and be honest about what they can do for your specific website. Lastly, they should be responsive and keep you regularly up to date on test results.
Conversion rate optimization is a multi-step process:
    1. Auditing a website to determine the most high-traffic and valuable pages to target.
    2. Generating a list of A/B tests and best practice changes for those pages.
    3. Setting up CRO tests and monitoring results.
    4. Implementing changes based on the results of CRO tests.
    5. Repeat.
Conversion rate optimization is an on-going process. The digital landscape is always changing, and so it’s important to continuously review your funnels and determine where improvements can be made.

A good conversion rate depends on your industry and what you’re trying to get your audience to do. Asking someone to sign up for an email list will be easier than convincing them to make a purchase, so your conversion rate can vary depending on your goals. Within the Ecommerce space, conversion rates are typically between 2-3%. A conversion rate of 4% or higher is a sign of a high-performing website.

We use a variety of tools to test new features and page layouts. Some of the tools we use most frequently are Google Optimize, Google Analytics, welcome offers, customized product recommendations, social proof pop-ups and feeds, customer review apps, and post-purchase upsells. We are always looking for new tools that can help increase conversion rate, improve AOV, and generate more revenue for our clients.

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