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“Content is king.” It’s as true today as it was twenty-five years ago when Bill Gates said it. And since then, content has grown even more and evolved.

So it’s never been more critical for businesses big and small to step up their content marketing efforts in order to compete for visibility. Building an online presence demands a content strategy that doesn’t just make your audience curious. You should be able to engage with your prospective customers and encourage them to take steps towards your desired outcome. 

Now is the time to optimize your content to make the strongest impact. 

There are plenty of content strategy agencies out there, so how can you choose the right one? You want to partner with an agency that knows how to identify your audience and design a content marketing strategy that earns their trust and loyalty. 

A Content Strategy that Generates Value

A Content Strategy that Generates Value

Value is the barometer by which you should always be monitoring the impact of your content. When your content is creating tangible value for your target user, you’re getting value from a new and excited customer.

In order to offer value to your target audience, you need to know what they want. Your content should solve a problem, educate or enlighten, and remain consistently unique and fresh

And to make sure you’re doing that every time, you need a content marketing strategy that understands how to best reach your target audience. 

Using hard data to analyze your users, we work to devise the ideal strategy for your brand. Our multi-layered approach helps you to:

  • Define the needs and challenges of your target audience.
  • Analyze the content that excites your target audience and captivates your users.
  • Help you hone in on your strengths and weaknesses.
  • Develop key metrics to measure your content’s performance.

Positioning Your Brand in the Marketplace

Positioning Your Brand in the Marketplace

Content strategy spans an array of digital content channels and processes and helps to improve the online presence of your brand. The goal is to build trust and prove your brand’s authority and expertise. 

Positioning your brand in the marketplace means optimizing your online presence for maximum visibility. Your online content is the driving force behind where your business’s website is placed on the search results pages of users. 

Today’s online user wants instant gratification. They won’t have the time or patience to scroll through multiple pages of links just to get to yours. The first link that satisfies a search is the one that gets clicked and converted through. 

Weak keywords, outdated content, and an overall lack of value to the user are some of the factors that can damage your website’s ranking. 

A smart content strategy agency can help optimize your online content through effective SEO strategies that incorporate social media, blog posts, and website performance optimization. This same approach should be applied to your email marketing and digital advertising to help support and influence your SEO ranking so your brand remains front and center to your audience. 

So contact a content strategy agency that can help you elevate your content today!

Social Media Content Strategy

With the growing world of shopping on social media, companies need to develop effective social media content strategies that align with their target audience and brand goals to gain conversions. More and more users are purchasing off of Instagram and Facebook, so you want your ad copy and content to stand out from the crowd.

We start by auditing your business’ current social media advertising presence to identify where we can help improve. This includes data analysis and A/B testing. From there, we establish a clear content plan that will resonate with your company’s target audience. Then, we execute, all while continuing to iterate on any new data.

Our goal is to help our clients build a strong social media advertising presence to ensure consistent engagement and growth.

Full Service Digital Marketing Agency

Here at Intensify, we’re a full service digital marketing agency. We’re experts in not only strategic content, but also PPC, social media strategies, Facebook Advertising, SEO, CRO, and much more. Our team of professionals are dedicated to helping clients achieve their digital marketing goals through data-driven insights. We’re committed to delivering measurable results and maximizing ROI. Whatever your business goals are, we’re here to help.

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