Search engine optimization is becoming significant for businesses these days due to increased competition. Every day there is a plethora of content that is published online. In that scenario, gaining a high ranking in search engines and establishing a solid online presence for a business has become challenging. Implementing an effective SEO strategy can help in overcoming those challenges and enable businesses to gain more traction online.

Creating impactful SEO strategies with exceptional experience in all digital marketing areas is where Intensify comes into the picture. They possess highly experienced and professional SEO and digital advertising team members who passionately drive the future of their client’s digital businesses. This article offers a complete information about this company that provides result-oriented SEO solutions globally.

Intensify is Committed to Deliver the Best-in-Class Solutions

Intensify is a growth-focused digital marketing agency that offers search engine optimization, digital advertising, and conversion rate optimization services. They specialize in local SEO services that help businesses to improve their presence on local listing websites.

The company was founded in 2014, with headquarters in West Los Angeles, CA. They have skilled SEO professionals with decades of experience implementing growth marketing strategies for SaaS, eCommerce, and service-based businesses in the United States and internationally.

Intensify’s mission is to offer digital solutions that provide accelerated growth in their client’s businesses.

The Company’s Top Three Commitments:

  1. Intensify aims to provide exceptional business growth within three months.
  2. The marketing team is determined to drive sales and potential leads for eCommerce and service-based businesses.
  3. Complete transparency in doing business with clients and providing services with satisfaction.

The client reviews below prove that Intensify delivers matching their commitments and is dedicated to providing result-oriented solutions with rapid growth in the business.

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Intensify’s incredible work in digital marketing and, most notably, search engine optimization has enabled it to achieve a strong position in the list of top SEO companies in California by GoodFirms.

SEO Audit

Intensify’s SEO audit process scrutinizes the website’s search engine visibility and comprehensive keyword research that adds value to brand awareness. Their experts identify what changes require to rank those keywords that help create successful strategic planning and enhance the website’s visibility.

Keyword Research & Strategy

The dedicated team finds the most relevant keywords for their client’s business with competitor analysis. Their keyword research process is based on pertinent high-volume keywords that increase website traffic. They strategize keyword targeting that helps search engines identify their client’s products or services online effectively and efficiently.

On-Page SEO 

After the keyword research, Intensify’s team examines pages most suitable for targeted keywords to rank high in search engines and optimize them for greater online visibility. Their technical SEO professionals ensure that title tags, meta-descriptions, internal linking, word count, etc., are mentioned as per the Google SEO guidelines and presented as a relevant resource on the Google search engine.

Off-Page SEO

Off-page SEO is essential for increasing the website’s search engine rankings through link-building strategies focusing on the website’s authority and online presence. Their backlink strategy provides quality links that help the website rank on the first page of engine results.

Technical SEO

They are committed to providing error-free website operations that enhance the user experience and build brand trust in them. The team regularly audits their client’s website to identify any technical issues that cause low performance that may affect the on-page experience. They aim to provide website optimization that creates a user-friendly experience.

Local SEO

Intensify has a dedicated Los Angeles local SEO team that manages the client’s website authority by creating perfect Google My Business profiles that enhance the presence of their website’s local listing. Mostly, their clients come under the top three positions on Google map results in Los Angeles.

E-commerce SEO

The company has eCommerce specialists that utilize their years of experience and skills in creating SEO strategies. They are well-versed in all the major eCommerce platforms and implement those strategies according to their clients’ business requirements to improve website ranking.

Content Writing

They focus on top-notch and well-optimized content that is produced to increase the website visibility on search engines with exceptional results. They provide content for blog posts, collection descriptions, and product FAQs that are relevant and meaningful.

Link Building 

Backlinks are the backbone of SEO strategy that search engines prioritize when searching for the right content as per users’ search queries and the appropriate web pages to rank for relevant keywords. Link building is an integral part of digital marketing, and Intensify’s team is determined to create unique backlinks for their client’s websites to enhance their online presence.

Page Speed Optimization

Today, people surf massive amounts of diverse content on their mobile, desktop, or tablet devices in the shortest time possible. If the website loads slower on any of these devices, it can cause a false impression on consumers. Therefore, good web page speed is required to provide high quality and hassle-free user experience. Intensify’s team conducts a special speed audit of their client’s website, identifies issues that cause low speed, and provides better solutions that improve page speed and overall website performance.

Franchise SEO

The company’s dedicated Los Angeles SEO team ensures that the franchise is fully optimized for search engines and enhances their nearby search engine results in the local online community or targeted customers. They are experts in showing business up in location-based searches.

Intensify’s Invaluable Partners

Why Do GoodFirms Recommend Intensify For SEO Services?

Intensify has passionate digital marketing professionals who focus on clients’ business growth by providing the most reliable and result-oriented SEO solutions for their digital businesses. Their best-in-class SEO services are cost-effective for every size and shape of business. The company’s priority is to satisfy its clients globally with an extraordinary brand presence in the digital world.

The company serves as a full-service digital marketing provider in Los Angeles and other parts of the world. Other than SEO, their clients demand a few other services, such as digital advertising and conversion rate optimization. Their expertise in digital marketing makes them the market’s most reliable SEO solutions partner.


Search engine optimization helps online users in searching for what they intend, which is one of the most important aspects for businesses to increase their brand awareness organically with loyal customers. Intensify’s SEO professionals are committed to providing SEO solutions that bring brand values that help improve the website’s visibility.

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