In recent times, SEO has become a critical part of digital marketing strategies. Millions of search queries are performed daily, and SEO marketing looks out to reach those audiences.

Thus, this article is a breakdown of what SEO marketing entails and the role it plays today. So, keep reading to find out how to use and the advantages of SEO marketing.

How Does SEO Marketing Work?

SEO means “search engine optimization” which involves improving the visibility of your site for when people search out your services. It works to strategically make your site stay above the competition and gather the attention of prospective or existing customers.

SEO processes automat the collection of data on each site to help determine their relevance through an index. This index is then engaged each time a search is made.

Also, unlike when you must place paid ads, SEO requires experts that can optimize your website to seem most relevant. This offers a more cost efficient and organic way to meet your digital marketing goals.

What is the Advantage of SEO Marketing?

Wondering what SEO Marketing can offer you or your business? Here are three of the things that they can do for you:

1.    Most Traffic originates from Organic Searches

If you own or run a business that is reliant on website visits and conversions, then it is important to acknowledge that most traffic comes from random searches. People simply go on google and search for what they need and then those with a proper SEO strategy would be able to take advantage of such traffic.

Research has shown that 35% of the revenue made by online stores is gotten through search engines. So, having an SEO strategy would help you rank better on search engines.

2.    SEO Marketing is Cost-efficient

Traditional means of digital marketing include having to pay for advertising costs when seeking brand visibility. All of this has a way of shrinking your profit margin which then results in slower growth of the business.

However, with SEO all of these advertising costs are eliminated, and focus is placed on providing organic traffic.

3.    Top Position Ranking on Search Engines

The end goal of any SEO marketing is to be the first when queries are performed through search engines. People are more likely to trust a page that appears first when they make their queries and so with SEO this can be achieved.

Engage SEO strategic marketing tactics to get more clicks and accumulate more sales by being at the top of popular search engines.

What are the Steps to Using SEO Marketing?

For your business, these are the essential steps to take when embarking on SEO Marketing:

  •  Setup a Custom Domain: Every business that is looking to take advantage of SEO marketing needs its domain name. This domain name helps to make your brand stand out from the others on the market. New customers would be able to trust a business with a custom domain name.
  • Install Google Analytics: Google Analytics is free software that calibrates your website to help monitor the traffic. So, the next step requires that you install analytics on your website as it helps determine the success of your marketing campaigns.
  •  Install the Google Search Console: This is an SEO tool that provides you with insight into what pages rank based on the queries that are made. With this, you can see how many clicks or conversions you get with each visit to your website.
  • Make the Site Responsive and Ready: If it is a new website, make sure you make use of features or themes that are user-friendly. This would help keep new visitors engaged while on the site. There are Google tools that are then used to determine your site’s readiness.
  • Make your Business Public: Once your site is ready for new users, remove any restrictions or password protection that may prevent new visitors. Make the website public to allow ranking tools to determine how your site is faring based on the insights.


SEO marketing is one of the important ways that you can generate traffic to your website and get more sales. This works well by making sure that you rank well on search engine results and that your page comes up first.

This article has been able to detail how Search engine optimization marketing works and with this information, you can increase your revenue through a proper SEO strategy.

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