Social media marketing has become a significant part of running any successful business, ensuring you maintain a direct connection with your leads. In today’s digital landscape, staying on top of mind through relevant social media channels is integral to a solid marketing plan.

Since social media platforms make up a large part of everyday interactions across demographics, real estate agents should capitalize on marketing through social media posts. Whether you plan to market to buyers of new construction homes, investors, sellers, or buyers of existing homes, there are many ways to reach them via social media.

Getting your real estate business established on social media can take some time. That’s why hiring a social media agency can get you a personalized, professional marketing plan tailored just for realtors and their unique marketing needs.

Why Social Media Matters For Real Estate Professionals

Real estate social media marketing is vital for real estate professionals for a variety of reasons. Here are the top benefits.

  • You’ll be where your clients are. Having a presence on platforms that typical homebuyers, investors, and other clients frequent is excellent for lead generation and staying on top of mind. It’s an excellent place to attract the attention of potential clients.
  • Instant updates: Social media allows agents to instantly promote important events like open houses, new listings, just-sold posts, and success stories to build rapport with your target audience. Whether this is via tweets, Facebook ads, or an Instagram story, social media posts are quick to read and easily accessible for leads on the go.
  • Reach many people: You can share different types of content on several platforms to cast your lead generation net wide. For instance, shorts work great on TikTok, while longer, more informative posts work well on LinkedIn and Facebook. There are unique opportunities for every social media channel, and an expert marketer can help you choose the right ones for your business.
  • Nurture new and old relationships: Social media helps you connect with new leads and stay in touch with past clients, who can be a source of repeat business. Digital marketing makes it easier to keep in touch with potential clients in all different places in the buyer’s journey, ensuring you’ll be there when they are ready to commit to purchase or sell.
  • Everyone else is doing it. And if you’re not on social networks already, then agents with social media accounts will be many steps ahead of you. It’s just the reality of how ingrained the general public is in social media. Real estate professionals who want to get more leads online must deliver high-quality content and establish a reputable social media presence.

Popular Real Estate Social Media Posts 

One of the cornerstones of an excellent social media marketing strategy is posting content that resonates with your leads. Here are the posts that generally work well for a real estate target market.

  • Just Listed. New properties typically get a lot of attention. An agent can often get showings this way, especially when they network with other agents and the listing is just what their buyer is looking for!
  • Just Sold! When you post that you get results, people notice! Selling a house and posting about it proves that you just helped someone meet a vital real estate need. Your followers will become familiar with your successes and know you are an agent who can sell!
  • Neighborhood spotlights. If you have downtime, showcase neighborhoods where your listings are located. Get to know its amenities and talk up your listings. This can generate more interest in homes listed in the area, especially if they are nearby conveniences like commuter lots, shopping, and hospitals.
  • Behind the scenes. Humanizing your business can make you more relatable to your audience. If applicable, do a day in the life of an agent/brokerage shorts. Showing your clients a sneak peek look at your life to show how hard you work for your clients can build trust.
  • Updates on market trends. Sharing knowledge about important changes like rising interest rates will show your target audience that you know the industry and can be trusted with their real estate needs.
  • Quick tips. General educational posts are always helpful, whether you want to share how to sell for top dollar, how to build a real estate portfolio, how to find the home of your dreams, or how to buy and sell a house simultaneously, general educational posts are always helpful.
  • Influencer marketing. Invite a real estate influencer with a large following to collaborate with you. You may agree to reshare, repost, tag each other, or even have them make a guest appearance in a web series or interview. This can increase your views and traffic to your page and gain more followers.

In every post, each platform has ways to help you get more exposure, such as having coworkers reshare posts, or including strategic hashtags. Using attractive marketing templates that look professional also helps greatly. You can get the best insights about applying a professional touch to your posts by working with a marketing agency like IntensifyNow.

Measuring Social Media Campaign Success 

Each social media site should have its in-house data reporting system where business account owners can check basic stats like how many views, likes, interactions, reposts, and shares happened. Some social media platforms offer more advanced marketing tools if you pay for them to get deeper insights into what works. At a minimum, use the free metric reporting tools to see how your posts perform.

It’s essential to gather data on what posts did well and what didn’t get a lot of traction. Typically, it helps to have more than one brain on this task, because different teammates add different perspectives and strengths to your social media content marketing strategy. Try A/B tests to see what content improves in different situations. For instance, you can use the same ad but on other platforms. You can also experiment with what days of the week and posting times are the most effective.

The more actionable, concrete feedback and data you have, the better you can gauge your audience’s reception and interest. If you can directly attribute a conversion to a paid ad or social post, that’s even better. 

Keep data on which social channels are getting the most traction. Impressions, views, clicks, comments, shares, and other interactions will help you understand if the content resonates with your leads. When you notice something that works — keep it up! If certain types of content don’t perform well, cut it out of your campaign and fine-tune what has been working better.

Real Estate Social Media For Your Brokerage

If you don’t have a marketing team, you don’t have to struggle. Intensify has teams ready to give you a social media campaign to optimize your real estate industry strengths.