Home Decor Client SEO Case Study: Unveiling Our Success Recipe

vase and other home decor items sitting on a white surface with a tan background

Are you curious how Intensify managed to skyrocket a home decor brand’s organic traffic and search engine rankings? In this SEO case study, we’ll reveal the strategies and tactics that produced incredible results for the client.

The Results

After just four months, a home decor client saw incredible results from our SEO strategies.

Stunning Traffic Growth

The home decor brand experienced remarkable traffic growth from December 2022 to April 2023. In just four short months, we boosted their organic traffic by 254%. This resulted in increased revenue from organic traffic, heightened brand recognition, and outranking top competitors.

Impressive Keyword Rankings

The website’s keyword rankings also skyrocketed during the same period. We increased their total number of ranking keywords by 203%, and their number of keywords ranking on page 1 by 264%. That’s a whopping 111 new keywords on the first page of Google!

How We Did It: Strategies and Tactics

What did we do to get such great results so quickly? We’ll tell you.

Site Architecture Improvement

We started by enhancing the site’s architecture to provide a seamless user experience and ensure that search engines could easily crawl and index the website. We optimized the site for target keywords which immediately boosted rankings across the board.

Technical SEO Audit

Our team conducted an in-depth technical SEO audit to uncover and fix issues holding back the website’s search engine performance. Our technical SEO services are designed to keep websites running smoothly and efficiently. We identified multiple issues that needed to be addressed and promptly did so.

New Collection Pages

Our SEO experts crafted new collection pages, focusing on high-volume, low-difficulty, and buying-intent keywords to captivate potential customers. We got these new pages to rank within two weeks.

Enhanced Internal Linking

We strengthened internal linking between pages, which helped distribute link equity and increase the visibility of essential pages. Google loves when pages are properly interlinked.

Blog Content Creation

Our team launched a blog, developing valuable content centered on high-volume keywords. This content was optimized to rank for those keywords, driving organic traffic to the site. These blogs then ranked back to collections pages, further boosting their rankings. 

Complementary Content on Collection Pages

We added supplementary content to new and existing collection pages to boost their relevance and value for both users and search engines. This content helped our collections pages rank almost immediately.

Acquisition Of High-Quality Backlinks

By securing high-quality backlinks from reputable websites, we improved the domain’s authority. This tells Google that they’re a reputable site, and was another factor that contributed to the surge in organic traffic.


Our tailored and data-driven approach at Intensify led to a whopping 245% increase in organic traffic and 111 new keywords on Page 1 of Google for the home decor client. If you’re looking to achieve similar success with your SEO efforts, consider partnering with us at Intensify.