8 Types of CTAs and How to Use Them Effectively

Every business aims to achieve the same goal with its website – to drive in leads and convert them into loyal customers.  And as a marketer, you invest time, capital, and talent to create high-quality content that persuades your audience to engage with your business. But without the right Call-to-Action (CTA), your content loses the […]

Brand Development: The Story Behind Your Company

brand development

Want to set your company apart from the rest? That takes more than just having a great product, award-winning customer service, and a solid content marketing strategy. It takes branding.  How you develop your brand and communicate what your company is about makes a huge difference in the success of your business over the long haul.  […]

Digital Marketing RFP Template

request for proposal

How To Find A Great Marketing Agency We worked alongside other marketing agencies and brands in order to create the best RFP template on the planet. We’ll go over why we included each component of the RFP and then provide the actual template for you to edit. If you want to head right to the […]

Ecommerce SEO: The Definitive Guide

Did you know that nearly half of all product searches begin on Google? This means that your potential customers are using the world’s most popular search engine to find products like yours. And one of the best ways to make sure customers find you is by optimizing your website for search engines. Around 65% of […]

Best Time To Post A Reel on Instagram

You keep posting interesting and informative Instagram Reels. They take you hours to edit. BUT you post and womp womp, they just get a few likes. Maybe your Reels aren’t as good as you thought. Or maybe, you’re not posting your Reels at the best time! Some people swear by early morning posts, others late […]

How To Set Up Bing Ads

ALERT TO ANYONE ADVERTISING ON MICROSOFT ADS/BING ADS! Microsoft has taken extreme measures to trick advertisers into wasting money on absolute garbage traffic. Here’s our guide to avoiding all worthless traffic from Microsoft Ads: #1 They’ve secretly added a “Smart goal” conversion to many accounts that counts as a conversion in your reporting. If you only track purchases, […]

SEO by Site Acquisition

This is a really exciting and under-utilized strategy!   Say you have another website where you’ve built up traffic for your eCommerce store’s target keywords. You can take this site and fold it into your eCommerce site.   Here’s how: Recreate all pages from the other site on your eCommerce site. Create 301 redirects from each individual […]

How To Set Up Facebook Pixel For iOS 14

Social Media Agency

If you’re like most advertisers, your Facebook Ad metrics have been volatile since June 2021. With the iOS 14 update live, Facebook lost the ability to track many users’ behavior on sites outside of Facebook. Some accounts are truly seeing worse performance, while others are just seeing worse metrics in the Facebook Ads platform. Either […]