What’s A Good ROAS?

Debunking ROAS Myths Claims like “I have a 15X ROAS” are misleading and desires like “I want a 3X ROAS” are flawed. ROAS and ad spend have an inverse relationship. Think of ROAS and ad spend like picking fruit from a tree. At first, you grab the low-hanging fruit, which is easy to reach and […]

Facebook Ads ROAS by Industry Benchmarks (July 2023)

Industry Breakdown of ROAS 🌐 We’ve pulled industry insights from the last 90 days (4/4/23 – 7 /2/23) to provide benchmarks for what your ROAS should be. Art: 1.99 🎨 Automotive: 1.78 🚗 Baby: 2.62 👶 Books: 1.78 📚 Car & Truck Parts: 3.33 🚛 Clothing: 2.56 👕 Collectibles: 1.9 🏺 Computers: 3.28 💻 Crafts: […]

How Much Should I Spend On Facebook Ads?

Data insights from Popsixle and Triple Whale’s platform & data. Facebook Ads: Decoding ROAS, CPA, and Purchase Volume 🧩 We’ve analyzed data from Triple Whale and Popsixle, focusing on how purchase volume and industry impact return on ad spend (ROAS) and cost per acquisition (CPA). Impact of Purchase Volume on ROAS & CPA 💡 We […]

The Top PPC Agencies of 2023 – Pick The Right PPC Agency

What is a PPC Agency? A PPC Agency is a marketing firm that specializes in creating and managing digital ads for various businesses. PPC agencies work closely with clients to create and execute paid search and social media campaigns that target specific audiences and drive traffic to websites. If you need help with advertising but […]

Where is Ads Manager on Facebook?

Have you ever wondered how to access Facebook Ads Manager? Maybe you’ve seen the option in your Facebook settings but weren’t sure what it was. Or perhaps you’ve never even heard of Ads Manager! Either way, we’re here to help you find where is Ads Manager on Facebook. Ads Manager is Facebook’s tool for creating […]

Are Facebook Ads Worth It?

are facebook ads worth it

For the last two years, there has been an unsettled debate in the digital marketing world about whether Facebook ads are worth it or not. We are at a crossroads where Facebook (now known as Meta) has been in the eye of the public for various reasons, announcing a complete rebrand, a decrease in users, […]

How To Set Up Facebook Pixel For iOS 14

Social Media Agency

If you’re like most advertisers, your Facebook Ad metrics have been volatile since June 2021. With the iOS 14 update live, Facebook lost the ability to track many users’ behavior on sites outside of Facebook. Some accounts are truly seeing worse performance, while others are just seeing worse metrics in the Facebook Ads platform. Either […]

What is Social Media?

If you’ve ever uploaded a photo to Instagram, created a post on Facebook, or watched a video on YouTube then you can consider yourself one of the estimated 3 billion people worldwide who use social media. Social Media refers to online platforms where users can share content and connect with other users instantaneously through the […]