The Do’s and Don’ts of Managing Business Listings

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Having a multi-channel business means that you need to focus efforts on each aspect of the business to drive traffic. Brick-and-mortar businesses also require some digital efforts to bring awareness to their existence.  This is where online directories come in. They’re online listings, that help people find information about businesses in a certain area.  A […]

Home Decor Client SEO Case Study: Unveiling Our Success Recipe

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Are you curious how Intensify managed to skyrocket a home decor brand’s organic traffic and search engine rankings? In this SEO case study, we’ll reveal the strategies and tactics that produced incredible results for the client. The Results After just four months, a home decor client saw incredible results from our SEO strategies. Stunning Traffic […]

Our SEO Reporting Process: Driving Success with Data

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SEO reporting matters. It helps businesses understand their website’s performance and guides strategy adjustments. Intensify implements a comprehensive reporting process that keeps clients informed, allowing for data-driven decisions that lead to SEO growth. Read on for a detailed look into our SEO reporting process. Data: The Foundation Of SEO Success Right off the bat, we […]

Our SEO Link Building Services: Boost Your Rankings with Intensify

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Link building is crucial in SEO, as it improves search rankings and drives organic traffic to your website. At Intensify, our expertise in link building ensures the acquisition of high-quality backlinks, strengthening your online presence and ability to rank for your target keywords. Read on for details on our SEO link-building services. High-Quality Link Building […]

The Local SEO Company That Makes Your Business Shine

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Looking for a local SEO company that truly understands your needs? Look no further! Intensify is here to help your business connect with the local community, improve search rankings, and increase visibility.  Our team of dedicated experts is ready to craft a unique strategy for your success. Let’s dive into the process that sets us […]

SEO Content Writing Services: Crafting Content That Drives Results

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Intensify Agency is a leader in SEO content writing, understanding the importance of high-quality, SEO-optimized content for businesses. Our expertise helps businesses succeed online by improving search rankings, increasing visibility, and providing valuable content for users. Discover our detailed process for SEO content writing services below. Understanding SEO Content Writing SEO content writing is the […]

Mastering Keyword Research and Competitive Analysis for SEO Success

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Intensify Agency excels in SEO, helping businesses grow online. Keyword research and competitive analysis are vital components of our expertise. Our clients achieve success by utilizing our proven methods. Read on to learn how we do it. Keyword Research Process Unlock your website’s potential with our comprehensive keyword research process. We delve deep into your […]

The Top PPC Agencies of 2023 – Pick The Right PPC Agency

What is a PPC Agency? A PPC Agency is a marketing firm that specializes in creating and managing digital ads for various businesses. PPC agencies work closely with clients to create and execute paid search and social media campaigns that target specific audiences and drive traffic to websites. If you need help with advertising but […]

How Many Views is Viral? Tips & Tricks For Going Viral

Viral videos are the best way to get your brand in front of people. They can make a huge impact in just a few hours —they have the potential to reach hundreds of thousands, even millions of people in a matter of days or weeks. But how do you know if your video is going […]

Digital Creator Meaning: Everything You Need To Know

  The world of digital creation is a unique and exciting one. Being a digital creator is more than just creating content. It’s about using the internet to realize creative ideas and spread your message to the world.  What is a digital creator?  A digital creator creates content for digital platforms like blogs, websites, apps, […]